Biopharma Engineering Solutions

  • Freeze Dryer, Isolator and Autoclave systems engineering consultancy
  • Integration of Freeze Dryers into existing production systems
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of production and utility processes
  • Consultancy in biopharma utilities including WFI and Clean Steam
  • Technical, cost & feasibility studies

Services include

  • Process design and analysis
  • Biopharma equipment consultancy
  • Heat and mass transfer analysis for biopharma equipment
  • Sterilization issues with biopharma equipment
  • Vapor hydrogen peroxide sterilization mass transfer analysis
  • Leakage analysis for Freeze Dryers
  • Autoclave sterility and heat transfer studies
  • Analysis of containment and transfer issues
  • Project management & cost estimation
  • HAZOP organization & chairing

Sample Special Biopharma Projects

  • Heat transfer analysis for production freeze dryer internals
  • Cycle analysis on primary/secondary freeze drying phases
  • Isolator VHP sterilization cycle trouble-shooting
  • Leakage analyses for freeze dryer
  • VHP vapor-liquid equilibrium studies for production isolator
  • VHP condensation and mass balance studies
  • Potential vial contamination study from utility leak
  • Study on vial heat-up during in-plant conveying
  • Sterile filter test validation study