Greentree Technical Services

Greentree Technical Services Ltd is a specialist process engineering company based in Northwest England.

Our Expertise

  • Process engineering
  • API pharmaceutical engineering
  • Biopharma systems design and analysis
  • Energy sector engineering
  • Professional technical training

Services we offer

  • Technical design, audit  and investigation studies
  • Specialist investigations in complex areas requiring detailed analysis and application of fundamdental chemical engineering principles  
  • Process design, equipment design & selection
  • Feasibility Studies, Cost Estimation and Procurement Assistance
  • We offer our services on an independent basis or as part of a project team.
  • Our services typically involve on-site meetings and reviews combined with offsite investigations, calculations and reporting.
  • We are flexible in our costings and can enter either fixed price or reimbursable contracts.
  • Wide range of chemical process engineering design software developed by our associated group Madison Technical Software covering physical properties, vessel heat transfer, vessel emergency relief calculations and other design software. Visit www.madisontechnicalsoftware.com for details

Our Background

  • Years of practical experience with product manufacturing, equipment, software and consulting companies
  • Our client base includes pharmaceutical, biopharma, fine chemical and energy sector clients in Western Europe, the US and East Asia